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This become as an idea to make bus times easier to see 2022


Bikes Transit Charging stations Taxi Stands Power banks Platform Map Experience
Bratislava, 🇸🇰 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trnava, 🇸🇰 Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Nitra, 🇸🇰 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Žilina, 🇸🇰 Yes No Yes No Yes No
Košice, 🇸🇰 Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Pezinok, 🇸🇰 No Yes No No No Yes
Senec, 🇸🇰 No Yes No Yes No Yes

🚍 Public Transit

MHD Pezinok 📑
Transdev Nitra 📑


📑 - static info updated every day/month

🚆 Trains



📑 - static info updated every day/month

🚲 Bike Sharing

WhiteBikes 📡
Slovnaft Bajk 📡
Rekola Bratislava 📡
Freebike Trnava 📡 ⚡️
Arriva Bike 📡 ↗️
BikeKia 📡 ↗️
Antik SmartWay ⚡️


📡 - Live Data about Bikes

⚡️ - Offers Electric Bikes

↗️ - RentOut URL

⚡️ Charging stations

ZSE Drive 📡
Sminn Drive 📡


📡 - Live Data about Chargers

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